We’re All In This Together. Except You. You’re A Dick. T-shirts back in print!

I’m not going to lie. This past week has been an absolute beast for me. You start thinking that the national narrative clearly wouldn’t veer towards a racist, homophobic, tax-dodging pig, but here we are with said pig a mere flick of the finger from the bomb. Thanks, America. You’ve really disappointed me. Anybody that’s not a rich white man should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a man who very openly hates all of us get the presidency. We went from a Harvard Constitutional Law professor to a reality show judge who marginalizes everybody. Congratulations, America. Or what is left of it.

In a genuine effort to keep my spirits up and my general level of malaise down, I’ve taken myself off social media which, to be honest, hasn’t been all that bad. However, in one of my last peeks into Facebook, I saw that my good pal Nolen Strals posted an image of his beaten up “We’re All In This Together” t-shirt which had to be over a decade old.



Now, to those who may remember, this design was entirely thought up back in the late 90’s by Mark Wasserman from Plinko in San Francisco. A wildly successful design for the time, I’ve decided to resurrect this shirt indefinitely in a vague way to cheer myself up amidst the steaming shit sandwich that our country will be forcing down our gullet for (at least) the next 4 years.

Every printing of this shirt has been on a different color, and no, I don’t remember which was the first, but I’ve made literally thousands of this shirt and it’s now available for sale on navy blue American Apparel 2001 shirts. Also! Every order comes with the design you all love printed on bright red vinyl stickers. Just like that.

And again, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I saw that Jeff from Wilco gave Chunklet a tip of the hat regarding this shirt. Surreal to have folk at that level notice what I’ve done, but so be it. Top of the world, ma!


Also available on Bandcamp.