We Are Ready Ready Ready

Because Barack Obama won’t return my phone calls, I’m going to go ahead and officially declare this Melvins month.  After 26 years, they’re still as prolific as they ever were.  Yesterday, they released their 19th (before you correct me, I’m only counting full-lengths of new studio material) album, The Bride Screamed Murder. 

It’s pretty cool.  There’s been a lot of talk of this being more avant or weird or something, but I don’t know.  To me, it seems like a natural progression of the albums they put out as a four-piece.  I mean, there’s some totally unique stuff on it, but what Melvins album isn’t  totally unique in and of itself?  Its also very Alice Coopery, even for a Melvins album.

One song that seems to be polarizing fans and journalists is The Water Glass, the opening track based on military cadences.  I think its great and  totally works.  It’s a perfect track to open with, and I really look forward to hearing it live.

Yesterday also kicked off the US (and some Canada) tour with Totimoshi (and some Isis).  And a Melvins tour isn’t a tour without merch.  These guys have cornered their collectors’ market.  From what I’ve heard, they should have two big items with them.

The first is a split 12" with Isis containing alt versions of two songs from TBSM.  The second is the long-awaited 13 disc box set that includes every album they released through Ipecac Records + Electroretard – The Crybaby in a handmade box limited to 300. 

Now, I would imagine anyone willing to shell out the cash for these albums already has them.  So, you’d pretty much be buying an expensive box.  But it is a pretty fucking cool box.

The only live song that I have (and I think the only song ever played previously to last night) from TBSM is the cover of My Generation.  It was recorded on 8-18-08 at the Drunken Unicorn.  Enjoy.

My Generation