Volcano Suns To Get Reissued!

Finally! Finally! FINALLY!
I know it could get me beaten up in certain circles, I think much of the Volcano Suns discography is as good, if not better, than much of Peter Prescott’s previous work in Mission of Burma.
Their first two albums, The Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party, are being given the deluxe reissue treatment. Whereas I was rather disappointingly told originally (by a Sun) that Taang! was putting it out, thankfully Merge is now doing it.

Volcano Suns mastermind Peter Prescott

I only got to see the Volcano Suns once and it was towards the end of their career. It was a Sunday night show at the Upstage in Pittsburgh. I had to study, so I left a smidge early, but what I saw of their set was great nonetheless.
In honor of this fantastic news, I’m uploading part of a radio session from the Bright Orange Years-era from WERS in Boston. This session is worth checking out not only because it’s the freakin’ Volcano Suns, but because the band is filled out with Gary Waleik and Steve Michener who went on to be in Big Dipper who, not coincidentally, got the deluxe reissue treatment earlier this year. And yes, that reissue is also completely necessary.

Volcano Suns – Track 1 (WERS 1984)

Volcano Suns – Track 2 (WERS 1984)

Volcano Suns – Track 3 (WERS 1984)

Volcano Suns – Track 4 (WERS 1984)

Volcano Suns – Track 5 (WERS 1984)

Volcano Suns – Track 6 (WERS 1984)

Volcano Suns – Track 7 (WERS 1984)