Vermonster (i.e. More Noise For Chunklet)

Inspired by Henry’s Drunks With Guns post a clicks back and the resulting noise-rock name drop chatter I have decided it’s time to revisit a long forgotten mess from some 17 years ago.

note the price sticker mark, thus only VG++ you dorks.

Vermonster was yet another incarnation of Wayne Rogers of Crystallized Movements, Magic Hour, and more recently, Major Stars…uh, er, "fame"? This LP, "Spirit Of Yma" was the band’s debut from 1990. Side one, that we have here, is basically a 5 minute intro followed by a 19 minute mess of ugliness. It’s a vinyl rip, but no it’s not skipping, that there is "artistic intent". I’ll post side two if enough people gripe/ask. I don’t think this has ever seen a CD release although I could be wrong. Enjoy or don’t, hell I care man. (side 2 now posted, get yer noise on)

Grease Of The Yak / Rainy, Starless Night

The Lions

Black Liquid Slowly Mummifies