Various Top 10 Lists From Various Contributors

From Billy:
"Ten Best Cubes Of 2007"

10. Cheese
9. Flash
8. ‘ert
7. Ice (coolant, not rapper)
6. Bouillon
5. Sugar
4. Rubik’s
3. Gooding Jr.
2. Gleaming The …(re-runs)
1. Steak

From Stephen Sowley:
"Ten is a bullshit number"

1. Pissed Jeans-Hope For Men
2. Stars Of the Lid-Their Refinement And Their Decline
3. Pies N’ Thighs-Williamsburgh, NY.
4. Paul F. Tompkins-Impersonal/Patton Oswalt-Werewolves & Lollipops
5. Harvey Milk Reissues (Attn Relapse-take a note from homesnakes here and REISSUE NEM SHITS ON VINYL!)
6.  Joe Carducci-Enter Naomi: L.A., SST and All That
7.  Binges (best band in Chicago).
8. Finally getting a drivers license and a car
9. Robert Wyatt-Comicopera
10. No Country For Old Men

honorable extra credit:
Oxbow-Narcotic Story, Whirlyball in Atlanta, Clockcleaner/No Age/Mika Miko Live, Best Show On WFMU, Twin Peaks Box Set, OM-Pilgrimage, Neurosis,  all things Kranky, all things Numero Group, 30 Rock, wishing I could put the next Breeders record on this list because if fucking slays.

From Ryan Leach:
1. The Young Marble Giants reissue
2. The Young Marble Giants reissue
3. The Young Marble Giants reissue
4. The Young Marble Giants reissue
5. The Young Marble Giants reissue
6. The Young Marble Giants reissue
7. The Young Marble Giants reissue
8. The Young Marble Giants reissue
9. The Young Marble Giants reissue
10. The Young Marble Giants reissue

From Aaron Draplin:
01. Leigh McKolay (…my gal, who I met in February.)
02. Richmond Fontaine – Thirteen Cities
03. Willy Vlautin – The Motel Life (novel)
04. Great Lake Swimmers – Ongiara
05. Young James Long – You Ain’t Known The Man
06. Shellac – Excellent Italian Greyhound (…dance trio from Chicago.)
07. Dinosaur Jr – Beyond (…felt like I was 19 again, kinda.)
08. Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
09. No Country For Old Men (the movie, book was great too!)
10. The King of Kong (documentary)

From Tony King:
1. Cass McCombs Dropping the Writ (Record)
2. The Wire – Season 4 (DVD)
3. Adrian Tomine Shortcomings (Graphic Novel)
4. Andrew Bird @ Harlow’s, Sacramento, CA (Show)
5. Casino Royale (Film)
6. Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Record)
7. A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Scribble Mural Comic Journal (Record)
8. Paris, je t’aime (Film)
9. Double Indemnity – Universal Legacy Edition (DVD)
10. Mark Millar, JG Jones and Paul Mounts Wanted (Graphic Novel)

By Steve Birmingham:
Top Ten Eddies (Mostly Bottoms Though)

Eddie Cochran
Rock Genus: Rock-n-roll, baby
Stupid Index: Stupid taxi

Eddie Constantine
Rock Genus: Rock candy
Stupid Index: Stupid Frog fans

Eddie Haskell
Rock Genus: Proto Indie Rock Star
Stupid Index: Genius!

Eddie Hazel
Rock Genus: Funk-rock
Stupid Index: Stupid liver

Rock Genus: Heavy metal / satanic rock
Stupid Index: Stupid furries and plushies (Iron Maiden’s Mascot) blunting the “scary.”
Eddie Money
Rock Genus: Schleprock
Stupid Index: Goddammit, I’d blocked this cunt out of memory until now. Fuck!

Eddie Rabbitt
Rock Genus: Country/soft rock   
Stupid Index: Stupid radio era

Eddie “King” Roeser

Rock Genus: “Alternative” rock   
Stupid Index: Informal used to express exasperation or boredom

Eddie Van Halen cock rock
Rock Genus: The Red Rocker? Pepsi?
Stupid Index: Gary Cherone? Wolfgang now? Stupid intervention I have to plan for H2O.
Eddie Vedder
Rock Genus: Cringe rock
Stupid Index: Stupid grin [often pronounced grunj]