Unrest + Rondelles + More Reunite for Teenbeat 26th Anniversary!

There’s nothing like checking your email while getting a tire fixed and to see that the Teenbeat 26th anniversary is being celebrated in July! Yowzers!

So apart from the handful of shows that all feature the "classic" and/or "final" line-up of Unrest, New Mexico’s The Rondelles are reuniting as well. And if that wasn’t enough, a couple shows will feature The Ropers (who’re notoriously low profile), former Unrest tourmates Versus, Yasmin Kuhn (from Flying Saucer!) and a handful of other Teenbeat affiliated artistes!

Unrest ’93 c John Falls

Additionally, the DC show will feature short sets by the early-era (’83-’86) and middle-era (’88-’89) line ups of Unrest! Yeah, I am pretty sure I’m going. Already bought my ticket just in case.

In honor of the occasion, enjoy this OTHER killer Unrest recording I’ve got from Minneapolis in ’92. Of particular note is the trancey Kraut-jam "Hydroplane". And if you haven’t already, go listen to the Athens ’93 gig that I posted ages ago.

Unrest – Imperial (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Suki (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Skinhead Girl (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – UFO (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Wednesday And Proud (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Blushing (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Six Layer Cake (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Hydroplane (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Bavarian Mods (Mpls ’92)

Unrest – Cherry Cherry (Mpls ’92)