Top 10 Reasons Why Georgia Ain’t All That Bad in 2006

The New Sound of Numbers Liberty Seeds (Cloud)
Carbonas Self Titled (Raw Deluxe)
Harvey Milk Special Wishes (Troubleman)
Zoroaster Self Titled (Battle Kommand)
Dark Meat Universal Indians (Cloud)
Jucifer If Thine Enemy Hunger (Relapse)
Liz Durrett The Mezzanine (Warm)
Mastodon Blood Mountain (Warner Brothers)
Black Lips Party At Rob’s House 7" (Rob’s House/Die Slaughterhaus)
Elf Power Back To The Web (Ryko)

Yet another year of shockingly great Georgia music. None of Williamsburg’s ‘tude, Chicago’s bitter cold, San Francisco’s astronomical rent or Seattle’s greyness. Nothing but lovely weather, no egos and killer local bands. And I’ve been saying this a lot recently, but Atlanta is totally firing on all pistons right now. Of the above list, it’s about 50/50 Athens to Atlanta. When I moved to Atlanta in ’97, I thought the music scene here was abysmal, it’s now bursting at the seams. Massive props go to local clubs like The EARL, Lenny’s and The Drunken Unicorn while local labels like Rob’s House, Die Slaughterhaus and Douchemaster harken back to a simpler, more earnest music scene. And I fucking love it all.

Carbonas at Rob’s House 2006