This Is What Losers Looks Like…

Going into the Grammies, I knew that the box that Susan and I were nominated for would lose. That was a given. I mean, indies never win. I know that. But we lost to the fucking Red Hot Chili Peppers box set?!  I don’t want to sound bitter, but I would’ve liked to have lost to a box set that was a worthy opponent. Say, the Girl Sounds box. I yelled out "Bullshit!" right as they announced that Flea and co. won. Again, a total sham.

Jason, Ben and Nick (from Death Cab) and me….all losers (photo by Sarah)

Death Cab for Cutie lost twice this year and once last year. They lost to The Boss in the long form video category and to the "My Humps" song by The Black Eyed Peas for Pop song by a group or some shit.

Me, Troy, Brann and Bill (from Mastodon) and me…..all losers… (photo by Sarah)

Of course, what would some weird industry black tie affair in LA be without running into friends from back home? Fellow Georgians Mastodon lost out to Slayer, but well, if you’re going to lose in the metal category, you’d want to lose to Slayer. Then again, you’d want to lose to Slayer at anything. I think we should all feel pretty lucky to be nominated, but I think we should also remember that Nirvana was beaten out by Milli Vanilli for Best New Artist. There’s food for thought.

More Grammy wrap up forthcoming….