The Velvet Underground – The 1966 Norman Dolph Acetate

By now, you all know the story, and (understandably) it’s the stuff of legend. A Canadian found an acetate of the original mix to the first Velvet Underground album for $0.75 at a sidewalk sale in Brooklyn. The music community shits itself all at once and then, naturally, the gentleman sells the album to the highest bidder on eBay after failing at it once.

But much like how Luke Skywalker wasn’t the only spawn of Darth Vader, there is "another". In this case, the "another" is an acetate that comes from Velvet’s drummer Moe Tucker. I strongly urge you to click around and read about this record that will undoubtedly go down as one of the most overvalued (yet still pretty justifiably valued) albums of our generation. But with that said, I’m not saying that the recordings don’t have merit. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments section.

God….I hope you can read that type….

Oh, and as with the Kraftwerk post of a couple months ago, I have my good buddy Billy at Shake It Records to thank for this. And the other person he made a copy of this for? None other than former 50 Skidillion Records label owner, Penn Jillette. I’m in good company, right? Right?

From the "This Just In From Brian Turner" department: three additional Velvets boots here.

Velvet Underground with Nico – European Son

Velvet Underground with Nico – I’ll Be Your Mirror

Velvet Underground with Nico – Heroin

Velvet Underground with Nico – Femme Fatale

Velvet Underground with Nico – Venus In Furs

Velvet Underground with Nico – I’m Waiting For The Man

Velvet Underground with Nico – All Tomorrow’s Parties