The Troubadour: From Whence Does This Come?

So before entire collections of weird prank calls and ‘found’ recordings were traded by the click of a mouse, they were often put on cassettes. And well, I found a gem, but for the life of me, I can’t remember its provenance to save my life.

Google “Troubadour” and this comes up

A raspy man with an effeminate voice talking about his harp and then singing. That’s the background.

I remember that Teasley and I had put this on a tape along with the (now legendary) Jackie Starr calls, but hell, that was over fifteen years ago! Now I’m left wondering "What the hell was this all about in the first place?" So yeah, chime in.

Oh! And did I mention that I met the half of team responsible for the Jackie Starr tape? And yep, sure enough, he actually WAS Jon Spencer’s sound guy. He’s got tons of ‘outtakes’ which, if I ever get around to it, I’ll post on the site. Go check that call out. It’s a stone cold classic!

The Troubadour