THE STAINS (L.A.) another one & out.

The Stains didn’t mess around. Being often tagged as the "Latino Black Flag" the group put out this one and only album back in 1983 (SST #010) and then grounded itself into oblivion. A couple of songs would find their way onto comps just prior to this el’ pee’ but for all intents and purposes this was the band’s only slot in the 1980’s hardcore jukebox.

sick of my thumb yet?

The fellas, led by Jesus Fixx, (aka Robert Becerra) had an even more nihilistic approach than label heads and center of the west coast punk universe Black Flag. Things were much more thrash, much more, dare I say, metal, than a lot of the then current crop of punk bands that dotted the map back in the day (as the old men say). Even the mighty Flag would head down this path in years to come (some say to their great decline – I don’t agree). Not to over-shoot it, but The Stains might have thrown the first punch in the melee that led to great outfits like D.R.I. , the Accused, et al. Yeah, it was a close race but L.A.’s STAINS jumped out of the circle pit and into the mosh realm a wee bit earlier than most.

One of the very few flyers around

What makes a good Chunklet post ( for me anyway)? A. You made one record. B. That record was pretty damn good. C. Said record has never, ever, been re-released in any fashion for reasons unknown. With that in mind here’s a nice chunk of L.A.’s the STAINS – you may now commence with your slam-dancing.

THE STAINS – quit the human race

THE STAINS – sick & crazy

THE STAINS – violent children / gang related death

THE STAINS – pretty girls