The Mice (And My Adoration Thereof)

I’m not particularly ashamed or proud of how much music I have stored on this computer I’m typing you from, but when iTunes shuffles across The Mice, I get a particularly fuzzy feeling inside. Hailing from Cleveland in the mid-80’s, I can’t imagine what a head-scratchin’ group they must’ve been at the time. Power pop in a time when four pieces like The Replacements and R.E.M. were bankable commodities. In Ohio when the main export was Pere Ubu. The Mice were such a disturbingly sensible band that I can only say that Scat’s 2004 reissue of their two EPs is nothing short of absolutely mandatory.

The Mice… cues courtesy the Twin/Tone roster

Bill Fox went on to be a solo artist releasing a few records on SpinArt during the 90’s, but otherwise, they just dropped off the face of the earth.

Below are 7 samples of the Mice at their peak. 5 of the tunes are from a deleted title (the name of which I don’t know) but the rest of the CD includes many cover songs and demos and thankfully, I have it. The final two tracks are from the reissue and just show how many bands they went on to influence from the more mopey indie sounds like Superchunk or Seam or perhaps the more rough and tumble Uncle Tupelo.

I know I champion less-known records quite often on this site, but this one is absolutely essential for those that find contemporary "pop" a bit lacking and yearn for an age when bands like The Mice should’ve reigned supreme.

The Mice – Public Television

The Mice – Resurrection Day

The Mice – Music Here

The Mice – Something Pushed

The Mice – Can You Walk On The Water, Baby?

The Mice – Not Proud of The USA

The Mice – Down In The Catacombs