The Martians: Chunklet’s First Vinyl Release (from ’94!)

Ah, it’s all or nothing on this blog, ain’t it?

I was recently asked to dig up all the old recordings I made of Athens band The Martians for the local Beyond Failure blog. The blog, if you haven’t checked it out, is retardedly obsessive about any music from the DIY/Hardcore/Emo scene in Georgia from the 90’s until now. I really strongly recommend it for the nerds out there.

Cover to one of the singles….

James from BF put up the mp3s to the first Chunklet vinyl release by The Martians and he said it’d be okay if I posted them here for your listening pleasure. Yeah, it was 1994. Cut me some slack. On drums is none other than Kyle Spence (previously of Fiddlehead and later of Harvey Milk). The band’s previous drummer was Jerry Fuchs (!!!, any DFA band, Turing Machine, et al) who went to Brooklyn and became one of the stellar drummers to call New York home. Watching him (and Kyle) play has always been a treat.

And the back….

The Martians – Garden

The Martians – Favorite Twitches

The Martians – You Rather Would

The Martians – My Place