The Jesus Lizard Reunite for ATP!

I thought it was a joke, but ATP has never been known to joke about these things.

May 2009. Minehead. I would be there regardless, but yes, now I’ll be there front and center. And Sleep’s reuniting? Fuck me.

I was lucky enough to see The Jesus Lizard A LOT, but once Mac split, I kinda lost interest. My only hope is that The Jesus Lizard’s reunion doesn’t turn into the endless Slint reunion which eventually lost momentum and, yes, eventually bored everybody to tears.


Dear ATP, more bands I’d like you to reunite: Codeine, Bitch Magnet, Bastro, Spaceman 3, Tar, Rapeman, Floor, The Fix, The Necros, The original line up of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Swans…..oh god, the list is endless…..

Yow and my hat, Baltimore ’92

While I’m away getting fat in Louisiana over Thanksgiving, let us compile a list of other notable bands that ATP should get to reunite.

And as an added bonus, I’m including a Jesus Lizard radio session from ’91 in Cincinnati. I’m sure Billy will dig this, but the rest of you? ENJOY!

The Jesus Lizard-Dancing Naked Ladies (WAIF, Cincinnati ’91)

The Jesus Lizard-Pop Song (WAIF, Cincinnati ’91)

The Jesus Lizard-Zachariah (WAIF, Cincinnati ’91)

The Jesus Lizard-Nub (WAIF, Cincinnati ’91)

The Jesus Lizard-Seasick (WAIF, Cincinnati ’91)

The Jesus Lizard-Monkey Trick (WAIF, Cincinnati ’91)