The Indie Cred Test & Fucked Up LP Are Go!

After a year of fussing and a few months of Kickstarting, the indie Cred Test is ready for preorders! (which will ship in mid-March)

This sucker clocks in at almost 200 pages and is a fine addition to any bookshelf that might have back issues of the mag or our other two books.

How would I describe this new book? In a word: dense. In three words: heavy ink coverage. In a nutshell? Imagine a standardized test that grew a pair.

Written by the staff at Chunklet, designed by Aaron Draplin and yrs truly and illustrated by the world-famous Jesse LeDoux. Like, whoa!

I’m anxious for all to read this behemoth.

Also! The new 12" by Fucked Up is also ready for preorders. Test pressings have been approved and we’re just waiting for copies to show up from the plant. Heck, the band even covers a Chain Gang song on the encore! And as always, there’s a few different colored vinyl editions. They will go fast, I’m sure.

And if’n you wanna buy both together and save a few bucks, just click here. Obviously, if you would like to purchase anything via Paypal, just contact me. And also, if anybody knows of any distributors (if there’s any left), let me know, okay?

Hop to.