The Good & Bad News (and Sic Alps Live!)

So there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news first. I’ve been extremely busy finishing up the new issue, so there’s not been much in the way of blog updates. And for that, I apologize. There’s a LOT going on, but I have to finish the new issue first. I should add that if you have money to put towards advertising or supporting this endeavor, I’m available.

The good news is that I’ve been seeing some absolutely stellar shows recently. Sex Vid, American Cheeseburger and the Bukkake Boys leveled an Athens pizza joint’s back room on Sunday. Boris, Torche and Clouds brought it on the day after Independence Day. But the big show (at least for me) was seeing Sic Alps perform here in Atlanta on Tuesday with local bands The Suitcases, The NEC and Hawks.

Sic Alps have been a recent fave here at the office and with a new record that came out on Siltbreeze this week, they’re keeping their Most Favored Band status for a while longer. After checking with the band and listening back to the recording, they are allowing me to post their performance in its entirety. It was recorded by Mr. Curt Wells.

I strongly recommend buying their new album (TJ, thank you for resurrecting the label!), the singles comp and the new single (complete with off center and way too big center hole) on Important.

Okay, me go back to work now. You’re gonna love the new issue. I promise.

Sic Alps – Atlanta July 2008