The Cynics “Rock ‘N’ Roll”

I think I’d be hard pressed to find a better rock record from the late ’80’s/early ’90’s than The Cynics "Rock ‘N’ Roll" and those with discerning taste and/or a few miles under the hood would be quick to agree with me. Probably the ONLY band that could get away with actually calling their album "Rock ‘N’ Roll" and it wouldn’t quickly incense potential fans. A gutsy, grimy, full-bore rock record. It championed the guitar and, god damn it, it’s from Pittsburgh. Released by the band on their own label and distributed through their own distribution company (you’ll see where I’m going with this) one would think that the record would not just be a record that’d be around forever, but a record that would quickly be a dyed-in-the-wool classic.

The Cynics’ finest hour

So my vinyl copy of "Rock ‘N’ Roll" has a major scratch in it which has been there since ’93 or so. And that scratch has become part of how I enjoy the record. As in, I know when to get up and lift the needle to get it movin’ again. But I wanted to buy a copy of this masterpiece for my iTunes. The iTunes Store doesn’t have it. They have "Get Our Way" and "Living Is The Best Revenge" which are both decent records that I own, but no "Rock N’ Roll". Huh….. A head scratcher…..

So I go to the Get Hip mail-order site (which is owned and operated by The Cynics’ guitar player) and order the CD on Monday. About 30 minutes ago I get an email saying that the album is out of print. So it takes them four days to let me know that the cornerstone of the Cynics discography and the Get Hip ethos is gone. Ah, quality customer service is the American way.

Yes, that’s Kris K. on the right (Cynics circa ’91)

So now I decide to go to Amazon as a last ditch effort. Just click on the link and see why I’m absolutely horrified. I’m now at the point where I’m both dumb-founded and furious at Get Hip and The Cynics for allowing this record to go out of print. It’s not like it takes a herculean effort to get somebody else to release the damn thing. It takes (at most) $2000 to make 1000 copies which from the sounds of the collector’s market would be money well spent in a matter of months. And you know what? At this point, a burned CD would do me fine because Get Hip and The Cynics should be punished for not meeting demand on this.

Am I the only one that sees how completely irrational it is that this record is out of print? Can somebody make me a copy or something? I can’t believe that this label and band can’t help themselves to easy money and instead leave fans like myself to $50 copies on Amazon.

Totally absurd.

POST SCRIPT: Due to the outpouring of concern, I got a copy of this record within the week (thanks, Billy!). I’m posting the "dank nugs" as a symbol of thanks and further urging that this might be one of the best guitar rock records of my lifetime.

The Cynics – Girl, You’re On My Mind

The Cynics – Get My Way

The Cynics – Business As Usual

The Cynics – You Got The Love

The Cynics – Close To Me

The Cynics – Baby, What’s Wrong

The Cynics – What You Get