The Comedians of Comedy – Seattle

I can’t help but think that frog-hopping from city to city isn’t the best way to tour, but hey, what do I know? I flew into Portland on Tuesday, grabbed the van and proceeded to drive three hours to Seattle in non-stop rain. Rain. Ugh, it never stopped. That is, until I hit Seattle’s city limits and the clouds magically cleared.

My first day in town was spent having lunch with Chris from Sub Pop, leaving there and meeting up with Joan H and then proceeding to get lost in Capitol Hill looking for an art exhibit. The exhibit was by Derek Erdman who’s work was these enormous canvases that he projected celebrities on and repainted. I came within inches of purchasing one for the house, but couldn’t think of a wall that we had which’d be appropriate. Spent a bit of time talking to Derek and discovered that he was the co-author of the inarguably genius Kathy McGinty tapes. In case you haven’t heard of the McGinty tapes, it’s a clever trap where Derek and his accomplice Julia lured on-line sex chat guys to call up for phone sex. Their side of the conversation, however, is entirely triggered by samples. I’ve included a few of the calls to give you an idea what it they’re like. However, you really should buy the CD. It, like his artwork, is well worth it. The bummer was that we couldn’t play it in the van (Maria’s "sensitive" to "porn") but we got a few chuckles in before we had to turn it off.

The night petered out with Joan, her boyf Gibbs and me goofin’ off back at their condo there in Capitol Hill.

The next day was spent going for probably the best coffee I’ve had outside of Aurora (Stumptown, get it!) and then going to the hotel to check in the comedians. Unlike past tours, this one is stuffed to the rim with people. Four more than usual. Not wise.

A typical “signing” vantage point….

Anyway, I get to the club, set up, then take a nap. Show goes off with nary a hitch. I end up spending a good portion of the evening talking with Andrea from Pretty Girls Make Graves who was working the door. We talked about how enchanted we both were with Korean food and then talk went on to my dog. Sadly, I didn’t get to say goodbye to her but it’s somewhat ironic that I was out of Atlanta every time PGMG were here in the last three years due to COC, but here I am running into her in Seattle. Show ends, everybody films a few yucks for Superdeluxe and then I go back and have pizza with Joan and Ben and pass out while watching The War.

The next morning was very quiet. Went to Joan’s office and met the folks at Aero Booking. Made my way to pick up the comedians for an in-store at Sonic Boom. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but I did manage to pick up 2 Michael Yonkers LPs and a Jad Fair LP that I’d never seen before. We were then off to Portland.

If you like uncomfortable laughter, buy this CD!

Kathy McGinty – Yeah, Oh Yeah

Kathy McGinty – Where Do You Want Me To Shoot It?

Kathy McGinty – I Have Somebody Else In The House

Kathy McGinty – I’m Gonna Still Get Off With You