The Best Things About Teasley Not Joining Trail of The Dead

Okay, so Teasley quit The Polyphonic Spree a few months back. That’s a bit of good news. However, our mutual buddy Valerie started sniffing around to see if he’d join And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead. Not exactly a bad band, but certainly not a band at the height of their powers.

In typical Teasley style, he turned down playing drums on their European tour almost exclusively because he couldn’t find his passport. So what does this mean? Oh, I don’t know, it means that he won’t be getting paid in black hair dye. And also, he won’t be having to smash his "B" equipment at the end of every show.

Feel free to roast Brian because, well, let’s admit it…..he needs it desperately.

Oh, I’ve included a TOD Peel session from ’02 that I think holds up particularly nicely.

Pretend this is black hair dye….

Trail of Dead – Invocation (Peel ’02)

Trail of Dead – Another Morning Stoner (Peel ’02)

Trail of Dead – Baudelaire (Peel ’02)

Trail of Dead – Richter Scale Madness (Peel ’02)

Trail of Dead – Homage (Peel ’02)