The Apples in stereo’s Long Outta Print “Science Faire” Reissued by Chunklet

The Elephant Six collective’s family tree is beyond diverse. From The Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel to Elf Power, Of Montreal, Beulah, The Minders and countless others. But don’t fool nobody, the very first vinyl release, the starting point for all that came after it was The Apples self-released EP in 1993. As with all of their material, it was recorded and produced by Robert Schneider.

The band released a subsequent single on the Bus Stop Label the next year and a peppering of split releases before their first full length, Fun Trick Noisemaker, which came out in 1995.


Long out of print, Science Faire collects the band’s very earliest material in the original format that all of these releases came out: on seven-inch vinyl!

Complete with posters, stickers and books, Science Faire is painstakingly reproduced exactly how they were originally. Each side of vinyl is stretched to their absolute limit with maximum times per side. Again, just like the originals. The third single (“Time For Bed”) also includes never before seen artwork by The Olivia Tremor Control’s W. Cullen Hart from back in the early 90’s. Additionally, the track “Onto Something” is included here which wasn’t included with the original release.

All three singles are housed in a special package created by Chunklet’s in-house designer Henry Owings.

Mail order copies will come on special colors of vinyl and a reprint of the very first Apples shirt.

A limited edition of 500. 

Also available on Bandcamp.

Pre-orders ship some time before Christmas (we hope).