The 33 1/3 Proposal List – A Discussion

I like a bit of airplane reading as much as the next guy. And some of the 33 1/3 books are somewhat decent. The MC5’s "Kick Out The Jams". Bowie’s "Low".

But getting the dude from the Decemberists to talk about his bed-wetting days listening to "Let It Be" by The Replacements?! Holy christ, kill me now. It’s fucking unbearable.

Pray tell, what’s the criteria for who gets to write a book? It’s fishy if you ask me.

Billy double dog dared me to do this.

I was recently directed to 33 1/3’s list of proposed titles for 2009. I mean, I totally get their direction, but the fact that writers would even submit Vampire Weekend or Animal Collective? Jesus, has the ink on the covers even properly dried yet?!

My own personal desire would be to write books about either Helmet’s "Meantime" or The Jesus Lizard’s "Goat." But hey, I’m a softie. I’d suggest "Positraction" by Live Skull or "Conquest For Death" by The Necros, but I guess those fall outside the realm of 33 1/3’s suggested short-ranged demographic. But hey, what do I know?