The 2009 Record Store Day Douche: Billy Corgan

I certainly don’t need to extoll the virtues of record stores to readers of this blog. Furthermore, I’ve been personally involved with RSD since before it started (I designed all their logos) and believe strongly in what record stores do for the community, music and just people’s well being.

So it pains me to see this interviewer have Billy Corgan at his local store in Illinois. The interview with Mr. Corgan doesn’t interest me (he can’t really be held accountable for knowing when RSD is, for instance), but the fact that the interviewer didn’t put his feet to the fire does. This is a musician who, let’s be honest, has thrown independent record stores under the bus routinely. Recently, he’s done Best Buy exclusive releases and shown time and time again that, contrary to his interview here, that the mom-and-pops really don’t matter to his bank account. And let’s be honest, it’s his bank account (and managers and lawyers, etc.) that speak louder than his feeble words in this clip.

Continue to fuck off, Billy Corgan. Seriously.