The 12 Records That You Probably Didn’t Hear That Are Worthy Of Any Top 10 List in 2006

Chunklet has a rather glaring distrust of so-called critics and their laziness. Oh sure, we know the drill, they get free records from publicists (who are paid to like the record they sent), they write about said record and then the publicist reminds the writer to include it in their top 10 wrap-up. "Fuck that," I say. All of the below releases I purchased and was happy to support in any capacity I could. And yes, this is an open challenge to any writer/publisher out there to compare receipts from the last year for new music and no, you can’t include credit received for shitty promo CDs that you traded in to get that gay-ass Bjork box set.

Vincent Black Shadow self titled (Heart Break Beat)
Major Stars Syntoptikon (Important/Twisted Village)
Rye Coalition Curses (Gern Blandsten)
Russian Circles Enter (Flameshovel)
Warhammer 48k
An Ethereal Oracle (Papa Slag)
Jay Reatard Blood Visions (In The Red)
Bardo Pond Ticket Crystals (ATP)
Jack Rose Untitled (aRchive)
God’s Temple of Family Deliverance self titled (Notcommon Records)
Growing Color Wheel (Troubleman)
Black Helicopter Invisible Jet (Ecstatic Peace!)
Goslings Grandeur of Hair (aRchive)