Team Chunklet vs. Team Beast

Back in the spring, Chunklet sponsored two performances with Team Beast (aka Mogwai, aka Mogwump, aka Mowgli), Torche and Growing at Whirlyball Atlanta in Roswell which is north of Atlanta by 30 miles. Was it fun? Well, duh. It’s whirlyball. For the uninitiated, whirlyball is like redneck polo played in bumper cars. The movie does an okay job of showing how insane it is too.

I guess it’s as good a time as any to announce that Chunklet is sponsoring our second show at Whirlyball Atlanta in October and man, I hope you’re sitting down for this line up…..

with special guest David Yow (yes, thee David Yow)
Harvey Milk
Big Business

Tickets are $25 and I guarantee this will sell out in advance.  You can purchase tickets here.

I’ve also included a few live songs from those magical shows below. Did I mention that we beat Mogwai like 16 to 2? We love those guys to death, but they could use a few team skill tips from Celtic.

Chunklet introducing Mogwai on Day 1

Glasgow Megasnake plus Iron Man!

Glasgow Megasnake (again, coz it rules)

Chunklet introducing Mogwai on Day 2