Tattoo Challenge Update!

The Stones said you can’t always get what you want, but just sometimes you get what you need. Well, I got what I needed!

After being thwarted TWICE by Laurent Lebec from Pelican for a tattoo that I designed and would pay for, I found somebody that was willing to get one of the designs!

c Joe Peery

Yes, that’s Chip and Dale. Dale is sitting on a magic toadstool smokin’ a J while his brother Chip is puking while holding a beer. To further add insult to Mr. Lebec’s injury, the smoke coming out of the joint spells out the name of his band. Overkill? Nah.

The lucky recipient is a friend and a recent transplant to Austin, Mr. Aaron Klein. This will be emblazoned onto his skin sometime before the new year. So thank you, Aaron!

Additionally, for the rest of his life, Aaron will be getting in for free to every Pelican gig he ever wants to attend. When you think about it, it’s really the least they can do.