T&G25 #1 – Man…or Astro-Man?

Chunklet has a long history with these knuckleheads. In fact, it’s a history so long that I’m kinda at a loss for words when I got to watch them practice today.

But if it weren’t for an unfortunate set of circumstances, I’d be at both of their shows this coming week. Sometimes, it feels like I miss all the fun stuff, but at least I’ll be on the Comedians of Comedy tour. And I think I’ll be in Asheville!

There’s still the remote possibility that I’ll be making an appearance of some kind at the T&G25, but all things being equal, I don’t think I’d count on it.

Man Or Astro-Man? – peel session

Man Or Astro-Man? – Peel interview

Man Or Astro-Man? – Put Your Finger In The Socket (Peel Session)

Man Or Astro-Man? – The Miracle Of Genuine Pyrex