SURVEY: Dumbest Fans Ever Are.

With the last few weeks around the old Chunklet electro-water cooler being one delicious hissy-fit I though I’d up the bitchfest a notch or ten. This is a trickier question than one might think. I suspect everyone is going to go leaping to the rap or metal world at first, but wait just a one smug second (besides, I got dibs). You got your NASCAR, Fox News, & Dane Cooks floating around out there, so who says we must stay in the music realm to find our answer? Also, the flat out dumbness of the fan(s) might not necessarily be a reflection of the object of affection. For instance, I can say that I really like The Smiths, but put me in a crowd of Smiths fans and I’m ready to leap into an active volcano. But the inverse can be true as well. Everything Crypt Records has ever released is purely and proudly retarded, but I find their devotees to be pretty smart cookies. 

So, who gets my vote? I can state with a good degree of certainty that there are no dumber fans on the face of the Earth than those of the Insane Clown Posse. I have never, ever, seen a human being wearing an ICP t-shirt in a bookstore. (and I’ve been on the lookout for years!) But what say you?

And before you even formulate that lame joke…Chunklet doesn’t have fans, only groupies and stalkers. So vote away with whatever reasoning you deem worthy.

(I’m sure they all have 6-8 conjugal visit offsprings in their futures)