Sunn O))) Tickets For All Ya’ll Outta Town Types…

So Chunklet is putting on three shows with drone powerhouse SUNN O))) this fall in Athens and Atlanta.

I’m making this post only because I’ve received like 10 calls at the house from people as far away as Florida and South Carolina as to how to buy tickets for the Athens gig.

If you need tickets and you can’t make it to Wuxtry or Schoolkids in Athens or Criminal in Atlanta, please contact me directly at henry (at) chunklet (dot) com and we’ll sort you out. I’m sure we could manage a paypal thing or tickets at the door.

So you know, the church that Sunn O))) is performing at in Athens is where R.E.M. did their acoustic set in the movie "Athens, GA: Inside/Out." It’s a gorgeous room that’s been completely rebuilt.

The tickets for the Atlanta show are available through right here.