Son House – 1970 Peel Session

Ya’ll will have to accept my apologies for not posting more in recent weeks. Vacation, traveling, weddings, bar exams, not to mention work and the impending Comedians of Comedy trek which is easily doubling the amount of touring we’ve done on any other tour. Oy.

So anyway, the immortal and legendary Son House….. This recording was the only one that he did for John Peel in 1970 at the Playhouse Theater in London. Keep in mind that this firecracker was SIXTY EIGHT when this recording was made. Unbelievable. And he performed for another eighteen years until his death in 1988. Makes people my age look like pansies.

I also strongly recommend checking out his performance on the Desperate Man Blues DVD.

Son House circa 1965

And if this kinda stuff floats your boat, may I recommend these two blogs that focus on early American music, and this blog that focuses on Peel sessions. More slop will be posted soon. Promise.

Son House – Death Letter (Session)

Son House – Don’t You Mind People Grinning In Your Face (session)

Son House – My Good Gal (session)