So In This Scene, I Get A Boot To The Nose…

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh yes….

So back in 2009, I was able to convince a bunch of pals to convene with me in Nashville for The Jesus Lizard’s second smallest club gig during their reunion tour. And was it worth it? Like duh.

About half way through their set, Yow was somewhere atop the crowd and his boot swiped my nose and blood came out forthwith. It’s a rock show. These things happen. But it happened to me. And my glasses. Oh well.

Unbeknownst to me, the show was being filmed and recorded by the same folks that did the Silver Jew and We Fun documentary and, welp, they got themselves one barnburner of a show. No doubt.

Fast forward a year later and the producer calls me up and asks me to design the artwork and in return, I get….a producer credit? Like I’m gonna turn it down. (Therein doubling my IMDb page!) So yeah, CLUB is coming out in August and here’s a preview. Just know that much unlike the rather substandard MVD release a few years back, this current *cough* MVD release will leave the room leveled. Trust me. I’ve watched this sucker enough to know. And hey, maybe you’ll hear the soundtrack on vinyl one of these days….

And hoooooly shit is the new Purling Hiss a smokin’ platter! Buy now.