SLUGGO: Bloodstains Across Chunklet Returns!

I’m feeling nostalgic. It was 25 years ago this December that SLUGGO recorded a whopper of Midwest hardcore, the “Contradiction” 7” E.P. I must have owned, given away, owned again, lost and found this beauty about ten different times. Luckily the last time I checked the boxes there it was and I felt it was time to share. (Also I took an epic nap this afternoon, hence I’m wide-awake in the a.m.). Sluggo were a frenzied gang of youths here in my hometown of Cincinnati, and I mean young, but played tight, ripping HC as evident with the 8 song 7” we are featuring half of here (again, posting the whole thing just ain’t square dealing, get out there and hunt). It can be had for a mere full tank of gas. KBD, DIY, OOP, H/C, SxE, all that good stuff. Enjoy. 

Ah, good old B&W punk rock sleeve.

Ah, good old vinatge punk rock flyer w/ some band from Michigan?

Ah, the…uh, back cover.

SLUGGO: Stitch

SLUGGO: Erase The Thought

SLUGGO: Suburban Haven