Sleep Live at ATP

I can’t believe I’ve been dragging so much ass at posting stuff on this site. So I apologize for that. However, I’ve been sitting on recordings I made of Sleep at ATP for going on four months and it’s finally dawned on me that I should put something up from it.

So there’s no question that Sleep are awesome. But like so many bands that ATP gets to reunite, they weren’t that widely appreciated while they were around. So, as ATP is wont to do, they got them to reconvene for two shows over a weekend back in May.

Sleep live at ATP. c Terekova

So I think it might’ve been that I was just overly amped to see The Jesus Lizard (who played directly before Sleep) but I wasn’t overwhelmed with Sleep. Just "whelmed" I guess. For both nights.

However, judging by the swarthy stoner rock dudes that dominated the front of the stage, I was clearly in the minority. There were a ton of video cameras parked all around the ballroom of guys filming Sleep’s performance, but I am never impressed by "tape trader" mentality that keeps things like this in the hands of the few. So, I’m offering up the first night of Sleep. Live.

However! I’m also offering up a recording of my dear buddy Pete performing an acapella rendition of Sleep’s "Dragonaut" which, I believe, might be one of the most memorable things of that weekend at Minehead (outside of The Jesus Lizard).

Note: I’m offering this for a limited time so get on it now. And, if anybody from Sleep or ATP would like to get high quality copies of either night, please contact me directly.