Skull Kontrol “Midgets Side Two” cassette

So what we have here is a tape that I thought was a blank from the Chris Thomson tape dump of ’09. And yes, the a-side was blank, but I flipped it over to find that it was a practice session by Skull Kontrol which was Chris’s band with his then-wife Kim and Brooks from Born Against. And yeah, it would be cool enough if it was just the short-lived band blasting thru the tracks on their two Touch & Go EPs on a boombox at their practice space, but no, it’s far more than that.

….the tape (ergo the title

Apart from rough versions of most songs on the two EPs, I was able to cobble together eleven (!!!!!) tracks by the band that were never released in any capacity. Okay, okay, the fidelity isn’t the best, but I’ve had SO MANY PEOPLE ask for anything from Chris’s tape archive that I thought it best to just throw this out there to appease the masses.

Also, due to the limitations on my end on blog postings (I can only post a maximum of ten tracks per entry), I’m including a link to download all nineteen tracks in all their scratchy lo-fi glory. There’s still oodles and oodles of stuff here from Mr. Thomson, but I’m pacing myself. Or rather, I’m making all of YOU pace yourself. You’re welcome!

Skull Kontrol live.

And as an aside, holy jesus, it’s been forever since the last posting and well, I have a good excuse. The new Chunklet book is coming along at an alarming pace that might actually outdo The Rock Bible as far as speed of completioni. Right now we’re at three weeks and it’s really shaping up nicely, thanks for asking.

There’s much more to come. Promise.

Tour poster given to me by Mr. Adam Reach!

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 1 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 2 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Mater Delores (Screamers cover) (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – False Ceilings (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 5 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 6 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 7 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 8 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 9 (Midgets tape)

Skull Kontrol – Untitled 10 (Midgets tape)