Rites Of Spring (aka I Desperately Need A Nap)

I guess you could say I’m kinda burned out right now. The Rock Bible is all but done. Finished booking this Harvey Milk tour. Within two weeks I got the new Torche, new Harvey Milk and the demos for the next Part Chimp all of which have been crushing my brain. Finally, I think we’ve got some decent names that are in the running for our new dog. And right now? I’m listening to George Jones. He tends to make me a bit sleepy. Oh, I’ve been semi-forced into not eating meat until after Easter. No energy. Bah.

Rites of Spring

Anyway, Rites of Spring! Chunklet trampled over the emo debate almost ten years ago, so I’ll spare repeating it. Just go read it. However, I dug up these demos and I was like "Hey, I think people would dig checking this out." ROS were easily one of the shining stars of mid- to late-80’s post-punk/hardcore. Dischord also released a remastered version of their CD/LP recently. I strongly recommend checking it out. Also, I’d recommend Happy Go Licky and One Last Wish which were two post-ROS bands that were far from ROS, but damn, the entire band fell head-over-heels for art punk and didn’t want to ruin their previous band’s legacy. Great stuff.

The argument could be made that this is the most low energy post I’ve ever done.

Rites of Spring – By Design (demo)

Rites of Spring – End On End (demo)

Rites of Spring – For Want Of (demo)

Rites of Spring – Hain’s Point (demo)

Rites of Spring – Persistent Vision (demo)

Rites of Spring – Remainder (demo)