Record Store Humor, Mel Blanc and 1951 Los Angeles: Thanks Capitol!

From the same label that would bring you Coldplay, Kylie Minogue and Letoya, Capitol Records had money to burn sixty years ago, and here’s proof!

Starring the greatest vocal talent ever to walk the planet, Mel Blanc plays a record seller in Los Angeles and "somehow" ends up at the Capitol Records bldg (before Frankie souped the joint up in the 60’s). Watch as Billy May plays the hapless customer who bumbles into Bozo The Clown and then rubs elbows with Les Paul and watches Dean Martin in session.

The record geek in me was loving watching a laquer getting cut on an old Scully lathe, but this 30 minute movie is an absolute gem. Worthy of your time and, you know, it almost makes me yearn for a time when the record business actually existed.