REBORN! Happy Birthday Larry Flynt!

Everybody’s favorite handicapped pornographer turns 65 today!
Ya see, Larry is a hometown guy. He started his sleezoid empire
right here in my backyard of Cincinnati, OH. But what pray tell
connects Larry Flynt & a Chunklet post? Well, back in 1978 Larry
and his lawyer almost got whacked outside a courthouse in Georgia.

A white supremacist good old boy wanted to snuff out Larry due to Hustler printing some hot interracial action. A racist gets miffed at a pornographer. Write your own joke there. But what all this sorted business brought us was one hell of a punk rock classic. “Reborn” is a tune that was written and brought to life by Louisiana band The Shit Dogs back in 1980. It is one of those KBD treasures no one owns but everyone wants. It is a gritty lo-fi rawker of a time gone by.

Brings a tear to the eye, no?

Then in 1991 the COMPLETLY AWESOME & CRIMINALLY  OVERLOOKED Lazy Cowgirls laid down a full boil blow out version on their Aussie only 12” “Third Time’s The Charm” E.P. So here’s to you Larry Flynt! A great punk rock song about almost getting your ticket punched in some podunk burg in GA.

Reborn, reborn, Mr. Flynt’s been reborn,
Now no one can call his magazine porn.

Shot down, shot down, Larry Flynt’s been shot down,
By an unknown assailant in a small Georgia town.  

The rest of the lyrics are yours to discover. It’s pure poetry.

Got a spare $600 lyin’ around? It’s all yours.

The LC’s -This is what a rock n’ roll band looks like, trust me.

Shit Dogs – Reborn 1980

Lazy Cowgirls – Reborn – 1991