The Olivia Tremor Control “Black Foliage” 2xLP


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Chunklet Industries has reissued both of The Olivia Tremor Control’s classic two double-album full lengths this fall. Lest ye think these are two barebones reissues, nothing could be further from the truth. Original art has been rescanned and retouched. Both albums come housed in sturdy deluxe Stoughton tip-in jackets. And for the first time since its original release, Black Foliage has been remastered from the original tapes!

In addition to the vinyl and artwork, the band has sifted through their archives to give fans over three hours of rare, hard-to-find or previously unreleased material in a 320kps download card. Drone. Tape loops. Live tracks. And finally, for the first time, all of the rare import b-sides and compilation tracks that came out in the 90’s are in one place.


Vinyl lacquers mastered by John Golden

Gatefold jackets by Stoughton

Pressed at RTI

Includes lyric/art insert

320kps download of each respective album along with bonus material

PAYPAL (send funds to henry at chunklet dot com):

$35ppd US / $43ppd CAN/MEX / $55ppd ELSEWHERE

DUSK + FOLIAGE: $65ppd US / $85ppd CAN/MEX / $95ppd ELSEWHERE

(These pgks are VERY HEAVY. Sorry shipping is so pricey.)

WANT MORE COPIES? Email henry at chunklet dot com with questions.