Chunklet 12


Issue 12 aka Chunklet In Space Features include The Moog, Moon Radio, Guru Bob, Krautrock, The Star Wars Movie, The U-J3RK5S, Childproof Lighters, Dorky/Cool Things About Drummers, How To Be Annoying (Part II!), a Don Caballero ghost story, NASA fun facts, Reviews and the usual array of funny crap that you expect. Also included is a compilation CD (titled The Money Shot) featuring exclusive (and still otherwise unreleased tracks) by: Six Finger Satellite, Arcwelder, Man…Or Astro-Man?, Spatula, Azalia Snail with Harry Pussy, Cash Money (now Cash Audio), Thee Hydrogen Terrors, Harvey Milk, Hurl, Elf Power, The Quadrajets, The Yips, Steel Miners, Windy & Carl, Xerobot, Cruel, Cruel Moon, Stirling and The Azusa Plane.