Pray Tell, Who’s Got The Provenance?

From craigslist. Sent in by Billy C:

Your chance to possess the same TV once owned & enjoyed by the godfather of grunge, J Mascis! That’s right, I inhereted the Dinosaur Jr axe-wielder’s TV when he left his apt in the 20s for the bucolic setting of North Hampton some years ago. And you’ll be reassured to know that J likes his TVs just like his music: old and HEAVY! 27 inches of pure rock fury, vintage 1990 (the year punk broke) Hitachi color TV, weighs about as much as fullstack. Authentication certificate not available but 90s underground rock memorabilia experts will corroborate this fascinating piece of alt-rock history — this TV could be your life!

Wow, such a “find”….and only $50…