Possibly The Dumbest Promotion Idea Ever?

Or possibly the greatest? I don’t know. You be the judge.

Earlier this year, I decided to put together a locals-only show at Whirlyball Atlanta which, at this point, isn’t necessarily uncharted territory. However, unlike the Black Lips show I did in February, I wanted to ensure that people would actually pack the joint. So what to do?

Whirlyball single front side….

So I came upon the idea of having a single with tracks by all four bands on a seven inch single and the ticket to the show actually as part of the record. Seems easy enough, right? Well, first I had to get four bands I was excited enough to put on vinyl. Second, I needed to make sure their schedules were adequately aligned. Then there’s just the logistics of putting on a show 30 miles from town and not to mention actually getting the record made and in stores in sufficient time.

But hey, you don’t wanna hear me bitch. You just want to know who’s on the record.

Simple enough. Just look up yonder. We’ve got The Selmanaires, Deerhunter, The Carbonas and The Coathangers. Four of Atlanta’s own on one single. I don’t know, has anybody ever done a record where it’s the actual ticket to the show? Perhaps Billy or some other frequent commenter can fill me in.

As for now, the sleeves unexpectedly ran out (I didn’t expect to sell 80 in two days!), people are already scalping on eBay (this guy can fuck off and die), and the show’s still a month away. God, I can hear collector’s panties bunching up from my office as I type this.

My dream is to do another one in the fall around my birthday and oh, I’m sure you’ll notice over on the right that Theo Leo is now performing at Whirlyball in August. Tickets will go on sale soon enough. Be patient.

Jeez, I’m sure it seems like all I do is talk about whirlyball, but in all, I’ve only had three shows there so far and two more scheduled. I guess the special-ness of the whole thing makes it seem like it’s more than it really is.

Oh, and for those that couldn’t attend, I’ll have a few copies of this record left over to sell on the site after the show. Just keep your eyes peeled because, much like the Patton Oswalt/Melvins single from the fall, I don’t expect them to last long…..