(Please Stop) Gettin’ the Band Back Together!

Please, bands of the Nineties and Aughts: do not "reunite". Not for a one-off show, not even if you were actually disbanded for more than ten years, not even if you really liked The Pixies. It was almost okay for them to do it: everybody felt bad for the magician/metal detector enthusiast drummer, and they had that one record with the hot naked chick on the cover, so there was some promise…and then we got "Bam Thwok". If they can’t pull it off, what makes you think you can?

But if nobody can convince you to stay dead a little bit longer, the least you can do is consult this latest Chunklet-certified list-style posting for the most appropriate description of what it is you and your group of teachers on summer break/unemployed buddies/career drinkers are doing by getting back in a van. "Reuniting" sounds a little too self-aggrandizing, so how about something more like:

Gettin’ back with the ex
Financial plannin’
Supplementing our unemployment checks
Leaving rehab early
Driving up our eBay value
Foolin’ ourselves
Covering The Who
Romanticizing the van-smell
Caving in
Going re-broke
Spittin’ on a stranger

Go ahead and add your suggestions in the "Comments" section. What else were you going to do with all that creative energy – write some new songs?