Patton Oswalt “The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company”

I have been recording all of the Comedians of Comedy tours in the hope that eventually we’d have a comedy morsel to release. And well, in Chicago it finally happened!

The cover….

Recorded back in April at the Logan Square Auditorium, "The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company" was engineered and designed by yours truly with mixing/editing help by my buddies Curt Wells and Jeff Capurso. We really couldn’t have ended the tour on any higher a note. Patton brought all of us (Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman and myself) on stage to let the crowd know what being stuck in a van together for 2 weeks was like. And even though I’ve listened to this thing 100 times, it’s still hilarious. I can’t wait for those kids over at AST to pick up on this. It’s genius.
Oh, the bad news? "Patton Versus Alcohol Versus Zach Versus Alcohol" is now out of print. Hello eBay!