October….And So It Begins

Back in June I knew that October was going to be a hellacious month. I’m fixin’ to leave on the eighth Comedians of Comedy tour. Flying to Portland, going to Seattle, back to Portland, fly to LA, back to Atlanta, back to LA, down to San Diego, up to Vegas, then back to Georgia for 10 days. The midwest and east coast follow. Along the way I have about 15 shows I’m putting on. Pray for me. Pray for my dog. And most importantly, pray for my wife.

I’ll be posting erratically, but I can’t make promises.

A number of things:

1. After a seemingly implausible bidding war, The Rock Bible has a publisher. An official announcement is forthcoming. I’m very excited.

2. The Chunklet DVDs are being licensed for a cable channel. I’m not kidding.

3. I was just asked to emcee a day at the ATP in May. Again, I’m not kidding.

4. Our Chunklet SXSW party for 2008 is going to blow away the party this past year by ten fold. My dream? To have Major Stars and Spiritualized on the same bill.

5. Lost & Found 10 is done.

6. Harvey Milk "Anthem" is going to be reissued in the spring with an entire DVD of bonus material including a 4-camera shot of their final show with (new daddy) Paul.

7. When I get back from tour, Chunklet 20 will be finished. It will undoubtedly piss off any music blogger on the face of the planet……and that makes me very happy.

8. The Les Savy Fav record "Let’s Stay Friends" is due here at Chunklet HQ very shortly. All orders will go out the second my ass gets back in the 404 area code in a week or so.

9. The test pressing to the next whirlyball single showed up on Friday. More on that very soon, too.

Finally, a childhood dream came true this past weekend. I saw Van Halen with David Lee Roth. "God Damn" is about all I can say. Observations? Oh sure. The crowd was a lot more diverse than I was anticipating. A lot of old, doughy looking Guitar Center guys, but a ton of suburban dads and moms with kids in tow. An exclusively white crowd except for a 6’4" black dude who towered over the audience that was clearly an undercover cop dressed as a woman. So painfully awkward. I loved it. Thanks to Gary for being my travel buddy and for pushing me over the edge by actually paying for my $125 ticket up front. This show tripled the most I’ve ever spent to see a rock show in my life.

Okay, that’s it. More shortly. Be patient.