OBNOX Release Raw, Hook-Filled 12″ titled “The Juke That Sat By The Door”

Sometimes the greatest moves are made in the spur of the moment. One semi-quiet day at Chunklet HQ, we hit up OBNOX mastermind Bim Thomas (also of Puffy Aereolas, This Moment in Black History, Bassholes, et al.) and asked if he ever wanted to release something under our moniker to keep it in mind. Thinking nothing other than  our love of his work on 12XU and countless other labels, we went about our day. Six weeks later, Bim turned in “The Juke That Sat By The Door” which is stuffed to the gills with Nox jams. Bim went back to the basement and knocked out pop gem after pop gem. F’rinstance, “Sit Yo Ass Down” is so damned hooky that the wife of Chunklet CEO Henry Owings hummed it thru the duration of their vacation this past spring. True story. This glorious 12” EP is yet another celebration of the ceaseless creative mind that Bim Thomas has been unleashing from Columbus, Ohio since the ‘90s. Limited to 450 copies. 50 on red vinyl (available only direct thru Obnox), 50 on clear vinyl (available exclusively thru Chunklet mail-order) and the rest on black.

Aug. 6-Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St. Columbus, OH.
Aug. 7-Backdoor 207 S. College St. Bloomington, IND.
Aug. 8- House Show @945 Morris, Indianapolis, IND.
Aug. 9-Mini-Bar 3810 Broadway St. Kansas City, MO.
Aug. 10-Replay Lounge 946 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS.
Aug. 11- 3 Kings Tavern- 60 S. Broadway Denver, CO
Aug. 12-Diabolical Records- 238 S. Edison St. Salt Lake City, UT.
Aug. 13- The Crux- 1022 W. Main Boise, ID.
Aug. 14-TOTAL FEST @ Zacc 235 North 1st St. W, Missoula, MT.
Aug. 16-The Aquarium 226 Broadway, 2nd Fl, Fargo, ND.
Aug. 17-7th St. Entry 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN
Aug. 18- House Show St. Paul, MINN.
Aug. 19-Mickey’s Tavern, Madison, WI
Aug. 20- Trumpet Blossom 310 E. Prentiss St., Iowa City, IA.
Aug. 21- Eronel Cafe 285 Main St., Dubuque, IA.
Aug. 22- Circle-A-Cafe 932 E. Chambers St. Milwaukee, WI.
Aug. 23-Wally World 5301 Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL
Aug. 24-The Owl 2521 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL
Aug. 25-Spot Tavern 409 S. 4th St. Lafayette, IN
Aug. 26-Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St. Columbus, OH
Aug. 27-Stone Tavern 110 E. Main St. Kent, OH
Aug. 29- Happy Dog 5801 Detroit Ave. Cleveland OH
Aug. 30-Roche Bar 405 Quay St. Port Huron, MI
Sept. 2- Comet 4579 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH
Sept. 3-Pussy Palace, 1007 McKennie Ave, Nashville
Sept. 4-Pilot Light- 106 E. Jackson Ave. Knoxville, TN
Sept. 5-HOPSCOTCH FEST @Slims 227 S. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC
Sept. 6-Worlds Famous 351 N. Hull St. Athens, GA. (Chunklet Record Release)
Sept. 7- The Earl 488 Flat Shoals Ave. SE., Atlanta, GA (Chunklet Record Release)
Sept. 8-Murphys Bar and Grill 1589 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN
Sept. 10- Howards Club H, 210 N. Main St., Bowling Green, OH
Sept. 13- Beachland Tavern 15711 Waterloo Rd. Cleveland, OH
Sept. 25-Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St. Columbus, OH
Sept. 26-CROPPED OUT FEST@ American Turners Club 3125 River Rd. Louisville, KY
Sept. 27-GONER FEST @Hi-Tone 412 N. Cleveland Ave., Memphis, TN
*Sept. 28-Nashville, TN
*Sept. 29-Dayton, OH
Sept. 30 Gooskis 3117 Brereton St. Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 1- Annabells 784 W. Market St. Akron, OH

Hear some jams here.
UPDATE (13SEP14): Vinyl is sold out at Chunklet HQ. Try finding it at your local record shoppe!