Now Batting For Team Chunklet: You…

Being raised in Cincinnati, OH. during the 1970’s I have no choice: I love baseball. Would you blame a native of New Orleans for digging gumbo? But over the years a major source of laughs has been the gawd awful songs some of these lunk-headed bumpkins choose to use as they walk up to bat. You can count on three dependable categories of tunes – Bad Rap, Really Bad “Country” and typical FM classic rock staples.

Today’s Chunklet survey: What would be thee most inappropriate song to be played over the stadium P.A. as a player comes to the plate? I always thought “Heroin” by the VU would be a hoot – ya know, just having a guy slowly dragging his way to the box, head down, bat scraping along the ground. Some filth ridden GG song would be too easy, get creative. I leave you with Corey Hart (his real name) of the Brewers employing some bullshit, workin’-man, country garbage to help him “get in the zone”. The comment section awaits. Get your funny on.