No, Really. Actually STOP IT!

An email sent in by Stoat Mixen:

Prepare for your skin to crawl–this is one of those incidents wherein something you’ve long treasured manifests in the mainstream with Lovecraft-grade gruesomeness.  I pre-apologize.

I was flying to NJ back in March, and on my flight they showed a movie called "Motherhood."  All you need to know about this movie is its title, and the fact that it’s set in modern-day Brooklyn.  With that much info alone, you can surely imagine the look and feel of the movie, and you can probably come close to guessing the storyline.  I didn’t demean myself by truly watching the thing, but of course I ended up doing some slackjawed gawking for long stretches, with no audio, whenever I looked up from whatever I was reading.

At one point, I looked up at the movie, and thought that I saw something familiar–an album cover (CD).  Familiar but too bizarre to be real.  No fucking way, couldn’t be, not in this movie.  

I forgot about it.  

Well, I just now remembered that incident, and decided to Google around a bit to make sure that I had not seen what I thought I saw.

I had seen it.  And good god, it is just cover-your-eyes excruciating, and do-not-reflect-upon-it embarrassing.