No Business Like Big Business

This summer proves to be big business for Big Business who are now in the middle of a co-headlining tour with Torche. On top of that, it’s their first tour with new guitarist Scott Martin. On top of that, they started their own label Gold Metal, and have brought along their new 12" EP Quadruple Single. And this is going to sound like cliche pandering, but fuck you. There’s no better way to put it: This is some of their best material yet. The dual guitar adds a layer that fits them like a flesh tuxedo. I caught up with them last week when they hit Brooklyn. We talked about the EP, other projects, and other goofy stuff I figured no other journalist would ask.

Scott, you’re the newest addition. How did that come about?

Scott: They had a Guitar Center nationwide tryout thing, and I was at the Hollywood Rock Block one. And I guess I cut the mustard.

Jarred: You came in sixth.

Scott: I came in sixth, and when the other guys found out what was actually going to happen when they joined the band they were like, “It was fun trying out.” They thought they were trying out for Limp Bizkit.

The band started off as a two-piece and have had a history of acquisitions and mergers. Was this an intention when naming the band Big Business?

Jared: It’s probably a coincidence, but it’s a sweet savory coincidence. We’re not trying to take over anyone’s life.

Scott: They’ve taken over my heart though.

You brought along the Quadruple Single EP. Is this exclusive to the tour?

Jared: It’ll be in stores. We’re doing it all ourselves, so we’re just kind of doing what we can afford, but we will provide as the market dictates. If we could press 10,000 of them and sell them all, that would be great.

Are these songs going to end up on an album like the previous Tour EPs?

Jared: Eventually we plan on releasing them on a record. This is not specifically made for the tour. It’s our first foray into our own label and doing it ourselves. It’s all very new, and we’re learning as we go. Anything could happen.

Is the label going to be used for special things like this, or are you going to release albums too?

Jared: We’ll do our full-length when we write enough songs. I don’t think we have the time or the energy or the funds to do anybody else. In a perfect world, we’d release all of our friends’ bands. We’re just running it for ourselves for now.

Were these songs written as a four-piece?

Jared: Yeah. We wrote them all together.

Scott: We wrote a bunch and then trimmed down. We stuck with the four strongest songs. They’re all singles.

Is Guns the perfect theme song for The Expendibles 2?

Scott: Yes! Did you see part 1? Holy fucking shit that’s ridiculous!

Jared: We will happily license the song for Expendibles 2.

After the tour, what’s next for Big Business?

Scott: Writing and doing more of the same.

What about your other bands?

Scott: [Big Business is playing] Total Fest and when we come back from that the 400 Blows record is coming out, and we’re going to do a tour with Butthole Surfers immediately.

Jared: Melvins are going to tour Europe in the fall for three weeks and nothing immediate after that.

Coady: Murder City Devils just recorded a 7”. Two new songs. There might be one or two off-shows coming up in November.

Did you see the Crom cupcake?

Scott: Yeah. I was really stoked. That’s like the highest honor to make a cupcake after us. And it wasn’t just the cupcake. It was that she completely got the joke.

Would you rather open for Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem or the Riverbottom Nightmare Band?

Coady: Doctor Teeth.

Jared: Probably Doctor Teeth I would think.

Scott: I would definitely go with Doctor Teeth because I really want to meet Janice. Fer Sher!

Jared: The Nightmare Band is a little one-dimensional.

If you were KISS, and painted your faces for a persona, what would you be?

Scott: A panda bear. It would be hilarious. The right colors.

Coady: I’d be a zebra. Or I could paint sunglasses on my face and a mustache.

Jared: A freebasing accident victim. Just a screechy scorch.

Below is their very first  Tour EP from 2004 featuring early versions of tracks from their debut album.


Eis Hexe

Evil Medievil

Off Off Broadway