New Whirlyball 7″ for Sale!

At first they said it couldn’t be done, but we did it. The first time it was Deerhunter, The Carbonas, The Selmanaires and The Coathangers. It was a rousing success! And now, it’s Chunklet’s pleasure to present…….

You’re cordially invited….

The Black Lips! The Baby Shakes! Gentleman Jesse & His Men! Coffin Bound! Exclusive tracks by all four bands! As with the last whirlyball show, the ticket is a record that is bought only in person at Criminal Records. Show is January 19 at Whirlyball Atlanta. This will signal the second time The Black Lips have performed at this venue.

To those who can’t make it to Georgia (which is a lame excuse, by the way), a very limited amount will be available for sale via the site after the show. Please do not give into eBay hounds, they’re money grubbing douchenozzles who care more about money than the actual show.