Mommy, Would McDonald’s Consider Hiring Mimes?

Give me a fucking break. It’s bad enough that they exist, and it’s even worse that they have hoodwinked kitch/gimmick rock enthusiasts into going to their shows, but The Dresden Dolls are now complaining about poverty!? Now I’ve seen it all. Please go and read this pathetic, blathering piece of spew right now….I’m serious.

Would somebody please set these fruitcakes on fire?

In an article that almost exclusively gives The Dolls a platform to bitch about how they only make $1,500 a month, am I supposed to feel bad for them? I don’t get it. Their crew gets paid four times what they do, they pay $1,000 a day for a bus and at no time has it never occured to them that they’re being fleeced? I’m sorry, but I feel zero sympathy for any band (let alone a two-piece) that buys into the crew/tour bus myth without earning it thru years of being in a van. Absolutely delusional.

And am I the only one that finds an NPR interview with The Dresden Dolls talking solely about how broke they are in shockingly bad taste?

I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that somebody should slip a printout of this under the door of their tour bus so they can get a real sense of (if they’ve not already) how truly up shit creek they really are.

I should also add that the fact that I’m spending time to hate on mimes is making me angry.

"Mime Cabaret"? Please guys, seriously, go get fucked.