Minor Threat – Irving Plaza ’82

Okay, now it’s time for take two of the great "Thomson Tape Haul of ’09".

This time it’s Minor Threat at Irving Plaza in New York, 1982. This isn’t necessarily a rare recording, but this version is pretty low generation and not hissy or garbly like other ones I’ve seen on line.

There’s absolutely nothing I need to say about Minor Threat, but I do feel that the in-between chatter from Ian to a clearly belligerent crowd is quite entertaining. I mean, come on, he was what? Nineteen? Maybe twenty?

Enjoy. I’m thinking between Getaway Car (Mike Fellows (ROS), Kim Thompson (CCC, D72) and Guy Picciotto (Fugazi)) and some Monorchid demos next.

Minor Threat – Irving Plaza pt 1

Minor Threat – Irving Plaza pt 2